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PS5: SSD extension can load times shorten

The rather manageable SSD memory of the PS5 can be extended soon with an additional memory. The SSD extension is tested in the course of a beta before the necessary PS5 firmware will be provided at some point in the coming weeks of all players.

Performance advantages in some PS4 games

The fact that the additional memory in relation to the performance does not bring significant disadvantages, provided the recommended models are already reported. A test of the technical experts from Digital Foundry went a step further. Light performance benefits can also be expected from one or the other game. The test was a model from Samsung.

"The Samsung 980 Pro is fast enough to cope with sophisticated PS5 exclusive titles like Ratchet & Clank, and works in the transmission of high bandwidth scenes exactly like the default drive of the PS5," says Digital Foundry.

On top of that, there is sometimes a performance boost at PS4 games: "Added to the advantage of charging time. Most games in our test suite, from The Witcher 3 to Fallout 4, run with a marginal projection on the 980 PRO. We have no performance losses, but only a gain in storage space. "

Below two examples. The complete list of charging times can be found here .

The Witcher 3: Novigrad Center

  • PS5 825GB: 48,01 seconds
  • Samsung 980 Pro 500GB: 45,07 seconds
  • Samsung 980 Pro 500GB / Heatsink: 44.67 seconds

Fallout 4: Commonwealth

  • PS5 825GB: 16,50 seconds
  • Samsung 980 Pro 500GB: 14.87 seconds

How To Get The Best 360° Tracking On Your Rift (2 & 3 Sensor Tips + More) * Samsung 980 Pro 500GB / Heatsink: 15,03 seconds

But not all PS4 games are apparently benefiting from the additional memory. In the case of "Battlefield 5", when using the Samsung 980 Pro, for example, longer loading times were measured.

Impeccable gameplay with Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

As mentioned in the first, the Samsung 980 Pro also made a good figure in the case of "Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart" . In most cases, the performance on the two SSD solutions was even exactly the same.

"The jumping of portals triggers the same problems. And always in exactly the same moments - although there is a case in which the M.2 breaks less heavily, which could be a outlier. Otherwise, the 980 Pro behaves similar to the existing storage solution, with equally flawless gameplay. For the first impressions this is a good start, "says Digital Foundry on this topic.

Other messages on the topic SSD extension of PS5:

  • Loading times hardly differ
  • Two more SSDs for memory extension confirmed

Several companies announced in the past that some of their models support the PS5, including the FireCuda 530 from Seagate and the WD_BLACK SN 850 by Western Digital. When the final firmware is published with SSD support is currently unclear.

Further messages to PS5.

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