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Ski on MTB, to fly wingsuit! ? Extreme Sports Games Riders Republic preceding experience report!

Riders Republic is an upcoming sports video game created by Ubisoft Annecy as well as released by Ubisoft. The game is established to be launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Collection X and Collection S on October 28, 2021.

Ubisoft sends, New Extreme Sports game Riders Republic . It is postponed, and the remaining about two months until the release date of 2021 on October 28, has become To just step away from the market.

By the way, readers of everyone Do you know how much for the Riders Republic. The official site, (in the old-generation machine more than 20 people) multiplayer battle also equal to or greater than 50 people have been emphasized, game videos and trailers that can be seen still as chaotic festival gate, which was is I Shimawa by it feels like the side of is emphasized.

This time, Game * Spark is because I had the opportunity to pair early play this work, we will tell the state of the preceding play. If represents the impressions of the play in a word, it is much more authentic extreme sports game than I thought ! it will place such as. Riders Republic and what kind of game thing is, So please visit.

# Surprisingly difficult! Will be pleasant decide the trick!

When you start, first, about one hour of tutorial will begin. Wingsuit In this tutorial flying from mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, and even snowmobiles for the search, but you learn how to use the various gear, packed the use of a variety of equipment at a time also, it can not slow to grasp.

In particular, people who did not come to almost play the sports games, such as the author, not attached registration Kaimoku also is said the trick name, such as spin and flip. It takes about for the first time even know that drift is in the mountain bike.

Do not worry also those of such a beginner. It is within the Riders ridge that is functioning as a hub where many of the players gather, learn firm from the ground up by trick Academy.

Operation of this work is intuitive, left and right rotation in □ or 〇 button, select the jump to rotate behind or jump to rotate before in the △ or × button, this to make the combination posture control the left stick.

By the way, there is also a same set of Ubisoft to provide STEEP for users.

However, I never played a game of this kind author is large struggled. But, now somewhat skate thanks to the trick Academy can practice many times. The first term also does not know at all, but was a state that does not keep up at all, still feels good when the trick is determined! Very refreshing, you will feel that became well. Score seems to score on whether or not decide successfully landing vary widely. Greedy not, to concentrate on the landing be tips ...? (This impression of a beginner)

50-50 ride to the pole, which is installed in the snow is also the first was the shuffle state even to ride, to ride to practice! Metal and ski rubbing against metal sound feels good! By the way, that I have some of that've used a pole when playing the reality of skiing, I feel much height than I thought, I remember that the was really scared. Game of the world Hey good.

peace of mind even for beginners! Return function of enhancement

Speaking is common mistakes a racing game, but that would hit the off the track and obstacles. In particular, those disappointed feeling when you've been off the track is great. I had much trouble running well Yeah! And frustration will accumulate. But, in this film when it could not pass through the check point was not that limp and off the track since returned to the vicinity of the point immediately.

Further, (rewind time) backtracking in R1 can also be due, optionally again possible. It is safe even ended up doing a large crash during the race. Of course, you do not use these features dare to seek the thrill also fun. Is a correspondence in consideration for a variety of audiences, I feel the diversity of the work.

By the way, the load time required to return at the time of the off the track at the time and the crash is totally not the author of the environment you are using an SSD, was able to immediately return to the race.

tourism and race, can be an obstacle trial and so on ...... a variety of how to play!

Once the trick on snow to practice one way, it has become want to ride a mountain bike. So, this is in the immediate vicinity of the Riders Ridge, will continue to challenge to go won the obstacle trial-of-ridge in the mountain bike. From here, let's introduce the state of play with the image and description.

So, brought to you by the state of the trial-of-ridge. Also will some people that seems to be not too easy because there is a backtracking function, but the narrow road many was pretty difficult. In fact, it has failed considerable number, was Tadoritsuke finally to the goal. The Akatsuki took in hand the game, please by all means also try to challenge.

full lot of play in the vast field! It can make even the original race!

In this work are available is very wide field, skiing and mountain biking among them, a variety of activities to use the wing suit are available.

These activities will be started by arriving at the starting point to be present in the field. When asked vast field, move but tend embrace your impressions such as troublesome, there is a fast travel system that is rich in this work, also, because there is equipment for mobile even after fast travel, other open world I was able to comfortably move compared to.

Map also has been directly reflect the movement of the various players, are synchronized in the field, you can confirm the presence of many players lead loosely on the map.

Fast Travel also did not have a load in my environment (using the SSD in the PC). Even if the fast travel from Riders ridge is a base to the far west of the wilderness Bryce Canyon, I was able to reach in less than one second. Stress due to the load can be said to none.

In addition to the prepared race, also possible to create a race course on their own. It made the race you can publish to the community.

Riders Republic Gameplay and Impressions

Photo mode also been enhanced, time zone specification and the position of the sun, environment settings, such as rain or fog, designation of brightness and contrast, the basic feature was equipped with one way.

Good point of this work would point to a variety of how to play are provided. Mode to compete in the mode or simply speed compete in trick of points, of course, is fun to challenge the trial-of-ridge going won the obstacle, such as those introduced above. Wing suit (with engine!?) You can even fly around the sky in, there is also a crowded continue to complete a superb view points that are installed in the open world element.

Is a large number of people racing scene is Future tend to this work in the chaos, but was able to experience that are made more than enough even as extreme sports game. I could not play unfortunately prior experience, but of course, I'm looking forward to be chaotic race, such as those introduced in the trailer.

Riders Republic is scheduled to be released October 28, 2021. We are currently reserved accepting.


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